• The POSI-AIR system is a pneumatic down-pressure control device. It takes the hassle out of keeping your down-force constant.
  • The POSI-AIR moves your existing compressor out of the cab and onto the planter adding an air tank and cab control box.
  • The cab control box houses a switch for main system power, a green LED which tells you when the compressor is running, a beeper which alerts you when the system pressure is below 50psi, and a pressure regulator which allows you to set your desired down-force pressure.
  • An optional 2nd pressure regulator can be added to the control box allowing you to create another section which can be controlled independently from the other. In previous situations the optional 2nd control has been used on interplant planters to allow the operator to be able to increase the down-force in the 4 rows behind the wheels of the tractor/planter.
  • The kit features an implement switch which cuts air supply off to the air bags when the planter is raised so that the system doesn’t try to dump air in the bags when raised allowing the pressure to be the same when you lower the planter again.


  • Cab control box
  • RAM mounts and arm for mounting of cab control box
  • 1 pressure regulator
  • Clean air draw filter
  • Cab control harnessing
  • Power harnessing
  • Air tank
  • Mounting plate
  • Mounting hardware
  • All needed fittings and connectors
  • Air hosing required to get control to and from the cab along with back to the tool-bar
  • Implement switch
  • Implement switch harnessing

We currently offer bolt on kits for White 8800/9800 and 8500/9500 series of planters, but the kit can be adapted to work with other pneumatic down-force equipped planters as well.


  • Additional pressure regulator
  • Power harness extension
  • Cab control harness extension